Won't Back Down

Wayward Sons Book 1

I drowned when I was sixteen.

My brother's best friend brought me back, but nothing was the same. I can't remember what happened. My parents dragged me away from my island home in the name of keeping me safe, and thrust me into hell instead.

I came back to Hatterwick to rebuild my life and—hopefully—my memory.

Now a new inheritance threatens to expose those long-buried secrets, and someone will stop at nothing to ensure I never remember what really happened that fateful night.

The only thing standing between me and whoever wants to hurt me is a marriage of protection with the boy who saved me—now a man grown and determined to keep me safe at all costs.

But what began as protection turns into more. Because he's the key to unlocking what hides in the shadows of my mind, which will either save or damn us both.

✅ marriage of protection
✅ small town
✅ romantic suspense
✅ best friend's little sister
✅ friends to lovers
✅ found family
✅ former military hero
✅ protective hero